Saturday, June 28, 2008

One Small Leap and Three Giant Steps For Stellankind

Today we were at a party for a coworker at the Museum and of course Stellan was one of the better entertainers of the afternoon. In fact, egged on by the crowd, he managed to stand himself up from a crouch, do a two-footed hop, and then take three steps. Yes, these are the historic first steps (I'm so proud of the plural!) of Stellan. I was particularly impressed that he didn't just take one tentative step from one stationary object (like a person) to another, but instead stood himself up unassisted and just walked forward. He wasn't walking to me or Kev, so I think he was just walking to walk.
Since then, there have been a few more steps, each time better than the last. I'll try to get a video posted. In the meantime, you can enjoy the mental image of Stellan's pushover mom getting all verklempt at watching her son take those three steps, and then because she was in a crowd of colleagues, trying to cover it with a set of fake sobs and even a fake noseblow. She was a bad faker.

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Vivian said...

congratulations stellan!