Monday, April 7, 2008

Who Knew?

As part of the permitting for my dad's remodel, the architect requested a photo of their garage with two cars in it. (Apparently, since the home was built 50 or so years ago, two-car garages went from 18 feet minimum to 20 feet minimum width.) Anyway, in order to get two cars in, they had to get everything else out. And that was the real job.
We spent the morning hauling much more than I could possibly catalog here from the garage to a storage trailer parked out front. The "we" included Dad, Maggie, Stephie, me and two other helpers Dad hired for the job. Several hours later, the trailer was full and the garage was empty. Emptier than I have ever (and probably will ever) see it. So for anyone who's seen the garage before, you'll enjoy this photo:

Who knew it really can hold two cars?

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