Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kev!

That's right, today is Kevin's birthday - we celebrate the fact that he's been around the sun exactly 28 times. (For those keeping track, that makes it his golden birthday.) We've actually been celebrating all weekend long, and plan on continuing the celebrations today.
Let me tell you how great Kevin is. He is a full-time student, a life which I know he doesn't always love, but he does it anyway. But that's just the start. He also works part-time so we can save a little money. In his "spare" time, he watches Stellan while I work full-time. Yes, he spends four days a week trying to keep the baby alive just one more day, and he does it really well. In fact, I can't tell you how many days there have been when I get home from work exhausted, only to find the house clean, the baby happy and dinner on the stove. That means he went to class early that morning (before I went to work), found time for work and homework while Stellan napped, cleaned the house and cooked the dinner - unbelievable! I'm lucky to stumble through the door upright, and he makes it look so easy.
He's always willing to flex his life to accommodate my needs, and is even willing to take the Stellan swing shift when necessary (that's what I call it when Stellan's night wake-ups exceed three times between midnight and 5AM). He gives the greatest massages ever, he makes a mean chocolate lava cake and he even watches "Project Runway" with me. That's a great man.
So in honor of Kevin, the awesomest husband in the multiverse and greatest dad I know, I've created a little slideshow. Since this is mostly Stellan's blog, these photos are photos of my two guys together. But rest assured, I've been a big Kevin fan for quite a while, much longer than Stellan. I literally can't imagine what my life would be like without him, and I'm so happy I'll never have to find out.
Kev - you rock my world!

Your wifey-poo


Dana said...

Very sweet post about your hubby! I learned that not only do Kevin and I share a love of diving - but we share the same birthday!
I love the picture of father and son at the breakwater!

Jess said...

Okay Kevin, I need some pointers. I don't do nearly half of all the things that you do and I think that my house looks like a perpetual explosion and I feel exhausted anyway. Dinner even, you are amazing!

MELISSA said...

Wow, Kevin is an amazing guy. What a catch! I'm awfully fond of him myself, but it clearly doesn't compare to the fondness you have for him...hehe. ;-)

Happy b-day to Kev! What a beautiful post.