Sunday, April 13, 2008

LLLLLLLLet's Get Ready to Lucha!

Lucha Libre, that is. And what exactly does Mexican wrestling have to do with today's Sabbath morning tale of woe? Read on.
This morning we were trying to decide what Stellan should wear to church. It was pretty warm, so we wanted to put him in something cool, and also preferably something a little more cute than a onesie or a plain t-shirt with some random pair of pants. So we went to the closet and pulled out this adorable outfit my Dad and Maggie got Stellan on a recent cruise. It was marked 12 months, but we thought we'd give it a try anyway. The shirt fit perfectly, but it quickly became apparent that the overalls should be have been marked 6 months, or maybe even 3 months.
Yes, my adorable child was quickly transformed into a fearsome wrestler baby. We laughed our heads off, let him wrestle the yoga ball while we snapped photos and imagined his future as the star of the Bahamas Olympic wrestling team, and then replaced the overalls with a random pair of pants due to the lateness of the hour. (This photo was taken at 8:42 AM; church starts at 9:00 AM.)
As a result, we've been inspired to announce the first official Cookie Jar contest: Name That Lucha Libre Baby!
You may submit names via the comments section of this blog entry. There is no limit to the number of entries any person may submit. The contest closes on Sunday, April 20 at 8:42 AM.
All names will be scored by the proprietors of this fine blog. Extra points will be awarded for alliteration, fierceness and, of course, use of actual Spanish words and allusions to real Lucha Libre wrestlers.
The top three entries will receive special mention on the blog, and the winner will get a special congratulatory message from Stellan himself, to be posted on aforementioned blog.
Special Entries:
We will also accept designs for baby wrestling masks.

Let's have a good clean fight. Let the Name That Lucha Libre Baby contest begin!


Karen said...

How about Leche Libre?

Vivian said...

The Krushtellanator

krissiecook said...

Posted on behalf of Matt (Elder Steward, AKA Elder Chuncle):

I can't comment on your blog, so here are my official name enteries.
The Littlest Luchador
Nacho Nino (but with the ~)
The Star Crusher
Stellan Stupendifico
Pequeno Hijo, Grande Pique
Son of Wej
Super Star Stellan Sits on Small and Simple Stan (the other luchador)
Elder Skabelund submits:
The flying turtle
El Chupador

Karen said...

I'd give all the prizes to Matt! His list is making me laugh.

Martha said...

How about Diable Adorable?