Monday, April 21, 2008

In the Meantime

Because I didn't post for the duration of the contest, I'm sure you're wondering what Stellan's been up to this week. Mischief, that's what!
We visited Grandma and Granny at their place of employ, ABC-CLIO. He had a pretty awesome time roaming the stacks, and also flirting with pretty much everyone he saw.
Also, we got Stellan his first basketball hoop. Kevin will tell you this is a real milestone. Here they are, father and son bonding through sports.
And finally, Stellan got a new toy. No, we don't spoil our child. Instead, we give him what boils down to refuse and expect him to enjoy it. And he does. This week he got an empty diaper box. We thought he might like to climb around in it, maybe even push it around a bit. Oh, he pushed it around, all right. In fact, it only took him about a day to figure out he could push it anywhere in the room, and then climb on top of it and get into the stuff that was only barely out of his reach. That includes the computer, the entertainment center, the couch and more. Here's a slideshow of just a few of the times we caught him in the act.

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