Friday, March 14, 2008

Working It Out - In Style!

So I'm finally getting around to that whole "lose-all-that-weight-you-put-on-while-you-were-pregnant-and-
maybe-some-of-the-weight-you-should-have-lost-before" thing. Museum beach volleyball will help me out in this endeavor, but I've also taken my aunt up on her offer to get in shape together. Beth (or Beeb, as she's known in the fam) and my Uncle Bob have an elliptical as well as a stationary bike, and also a nice yard with a great view so that Stellan can keep himself entertained.
Today I went over for the first session (and let me assure you that I'm feeling it right now!), and it went pretty well. I have some serious work to do in terms of stamina and work ethic, but I'm committed enough to actually post for the world to see that I'm in it to win it.
As I mentioned, Stellan also had a great time. Bob found Stellan his very own box, which we placed next to him on his blanket island. He is not quite sure how he feels about grass, so putting his blanket in the middle of the lawn was a sure way to keep him on the blanket the whole time. We'll see how long that lasts.
And as always, the best part of the entry: the photos!


Karen said...

way to go, Kris!

D said...

I'm not looking forward to that in a few months. Volleyball sounds like a fun way to get started though. The elliptical doesn't sound like as much fun- but very effective! Good for you! I'll be joining you in a few months. :)

MELISSA said...

Good for you, Kris! Good luck with the workouts! You will be setting a good example of health for your little man. :-)

P.S. I still can't get over the level of cuteness produced by you and Kevin. You are my baby-making heroes.

Dana said...

What?!? No pictures of you working out?!? j/k I love how Stellan loves boxes...
See you at the beach Tuesday! :P