Monday, March 31, 2008

Doggie Puppy Meets Person Puppy

On Saturday, Stellan got to play with my boss Heather's puppy, Lily. Lily is a Lhasa Apso puppy, and very cute. Heather and I often compare notes about how we're up nights, cleaning up messes, dealing with whining and finicky napping, puppy/baby-proofing our homes and generally not finding much time for anything besides being mommies.
So you can imagine that there was an overload on cuteness when the two met. These photos, cute as they are, truly do not do the encounter justice. They would both chase the same little bit of food on the floor (have you noticed that puppy chow looks a lot like Cheerios?), try to get the same toy, climb up on the puppy pen, and go back and forth between completely fascinated, mildly sketched out and stunned at the activity of the other.
So here's to a long and happy friendship. Also, I just can't help including an observation made by Elaine, another co-worker: babies are like pets with potential. So here's to the prospect of a person puppy with potential.


Jess said...

Very cute! Ral and I have often compared Brem's intellectual level to that of a dog (don't tell him). Now I'd say that he has finally reached the point of being smarter than even a smart dog, but he sure went through the dumb dog phase to get here. Eventually he too will be house-trained.

Karen said...

Love the nose-to-nose photo at the end!

Patrick & Leigh said...

We had a dog for a few months before I knew that kids and dogs were so alike. Not being ready for another kid, we realized we weren't ready for our dog either. Don't worry, he was adopted by a loving family.


D said...

Yeah, I keep telling my husband that I am having kids not pets. :) Luckily we also currently live in a rental that doesn't allow pets. I love seeing Kaden with other people's dogs though. He loves them! And I don't have to clean up after them.