Sunday, March 23, 2008

Twice the Cookie, Same Size Jar

Yes, Kevin's parents came to visit last week while Kevin was taking finals. It was great - Kev had all the time he wanted to go to campus and study, and I didn't have to take off a bunch of work so he could take tests. (I don't mind taking work off to help Kevin, but it's more satisfying to take time off to play together.)
Phil and Susan were brave enough to bring their inflatable mattress and collapsible bed frame and camp out in our oh-so-spacious living room, and stay in our oh-so-calm home, braving our oh-so-quiet nights and oh-so-charming youngster. They were great - they grabbed him first thing in the morning so Mom and Dad could stay in bed a bit longer, they went grocery shopping, they even watched Stellan while I played the aforementioned game of beach volleyball.
They gave us an awesome excuse to go out to eat, go swimming, go to the beach and visit family. And while I really tried to muster up a complaint about the big bag of M&Ms they brought, I definitely enjoyed my fair share of them (and probably more). And did I mention the rousing game of Boggle we played while Stellan tried to nap? The nap was definitely less successful than our game.
So while it must have been a struggle to leave all that snow and sleet behind and brave life on the the beach, we are grateful they sacrificed their time to spend a grueling week with their grandson and his parents. We miss you already, Mom and Dad!


the one about Jenae and Seth said...

Absolutely love the title. Clever and accurate. Thanks for the laugh!

D said...

:) Sounds like crowded but good times! How wonderful that you didn't have to get up as early and had two more hands to entertain Stellan. He is soooo adorable! And I'm not biased. :)