Thursday, June 27, 2013

Road Trip, Day 1

We made it to Missouri!

It took 17 hours, which isn't bad considering that Google thought it should take us 12 hours. We left super early, drove past Florida, through Alabama, Tennessee, and Arkansas, and finally made it to Springfield.
On the way, about 6 hours in, we couldn't resist stopping at a sign that said to exit to see the "longest natural bridge east of the Rockies". It was beautiful - green, woodsy, cool caves, bridges over the creek. The kids enjoyed a chance to stretch their legs. We had a great time exploring and had a tasty picnic lunch to boot, the first of many, many PB&Js at a roadside table.

Our next stop was Memphis for barbecue at Central BBQ and a visit to the Pink Palace Museum. The food was good, the museum reports will each get their own post along the way. Of course, there were lots of potty breaks, gas stops and snacks between home and here. We drove nearly 900 miles today, and it feels good to be done with driving for a couple of days.

The kids are exhausted. This motel room looks like heaven. I hope the kids will let us sleep in, but I'm not too optimistic. If today was any indication, the rest of the trip is going to be pretty smooth sailing; the kids are troopers, love seeing new things, visiting new places, eating snacks in the car, and of course watching their favorite movies. Bring it on, road trip!

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