Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rachelle Is 3

How did it happen? When did my baby girl manage to circle the sun three times? My sweet RaRa is such a special, spunky, funny, charming, bright, creative, loving girl. She loves to dance anywhere, anytime; she sings, especially if it's a song from "Mulan"; she laughs non-stop all day. She plays make-believe with her Minnie Mouse and Daisy dolls, she jumps back and forth between Stellan and Annie depending on who offers her more interaction and entertainment, she is still my best cuddler.
She is also 3. That means that she knows what she wants, and if she doesn't get it, she will make her displeasure clear. She is strong-willed and independent. (I don't know where she gets that.) She is fearless and adventurous. She is so smart and quick to pick up on whatever you were trying to hide. She is hilarious, and wants to share her joys with the world. She is friendly and quick to make new friends.
Rachelle at age 3 is a constant wonder. I don't doubt she's going to give me a run for my money, but at the end of the day when we tell stories to each other cuddled in her bed together, it's all worth it. I love you, precious girl!

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Karen said...

RaRa, you are growing up too fast!