Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kite Flying

We flew kites this evening on the beach. Not only were my kids adorable (as witnessed by the following photos), but Kevin was a hero. Twice. 
The first time, Stellan had buried his kite string handle in the sand, but it came loose. The handle then blew away until it hooked onto Rachelle's kite, and then startled Rachelle so much that she let go of her string. The two kites sailed away until the string on Rachelle's kite caught the cable that designates the dune restoration area boundary. Kevin hustled over and grabbed the kite that was holding the other kite, now impossibly high off the ground, and saved both kites without destroying the restoration project.
The second time, sweet RaRa just forgot she was supposed to keep holding on to the kite string and let go. Kevin chased it patiently until he got it back.
To keep herself busy because no one gave her a kite, Annie ate a lot of sand. And she toddled all over chasing us as cute as can be. I finally coerced all three kids into a single photo frame in an effort to get The Perfect Family Photo. That went about as successfully as you can imagine. I did at least get one photo of all three kids with their faces towards the camera. I'm going to call it a victory.

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fabulous beach