Friday, April 12, 2013

International Dinner

As a fundraiser for Girls Camp, I stole an idea from our ward in Hollywood and we had an international dinner and auction. The main idea is that people from the ward bring food from different parts of the world and sell that food to everyone that comes. Food suppliers are encouraged to dress the part and bring decor from whatever region of the world they are representing.
Kevin and I made enchiladas from scratch, so naturally we had to come dress appropriately. Please enjoy these photos of our "Mexican" family. Rachelle was particularly enamored of her pretty pink sombrero.


Claire said...

these pictures make so much more sense with the story.

Karen said...

[I had to cut and paste from Word to get the proper characters]

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you will consider temporarily replacing the current family photo on with this one during SB Fiesta or Cinco de Mayo?