Saturday, March 30, 2013

In Which We Visit the Renshaws in Baton Rouge

Since relocating to the South, we've felt somewhat isolated from friends and family outside our local community. Our families are thousands of miles away, and any other Southern (in heritage or location) pals are also a good day's drive away. So we were excited when a family we knew in Santa Barbara moved to Baton Rouge. Only 5 hours away, the Renshaws became our nearest out-of-town friends.
So naturally we felt the need to invade them. Their sons are close to Stellan and Rachelle's ages; in fact, Stellan and Carter were babies together in SB. So we invited ourselves over for a weekend.
We had a great time exploring the swamp (this was a truly Southern excursion), at the playground (where Stellan first learned to swing himself), picnicking outside the temple, visiting the Louisiana Art & Science Museum, snacking on the banks of the Mississippi River, and playing in the yard. Kevin was also introduced (somewhat trepidatiously) to vegan food. Mad props to Hilary for winning him over. (To put it in perspective, his mother says that Kevin is living proof that you can live to adulthood without ever eating a vegetable.)
Tyler and Hilary, thanks so much for having us! We had so much fun with your family, and it was nice to share our common experience as strangers in a strange land. We anxiously await hosting you here soon!


Amanda said...

Claron is applying to a job in Destin, FL. I'm hoping and praying we will soon be your closest out of town friends!

Vivian said...

Almost thou persuadest me to be a Southerner..

Hilary said...

I love everything about this post. We will be headed your way in the Fall. Or maybe we should just do Thanksgiving know Kevin would love a tofurky.

Karen said...

You and your family really know how to have fun, Krissie.