Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Annie!

My sweet Annie is one year old. She is such a funny little girl. Annie is very independent much of the time, but she balances that by regularly shunning anyone but her mom and dad, whom she clings to regularly for reassurance, comfort and the occasional snack. If you don't spend much time with her, you probably don't know her very well. She is very guarded around strangers, but showers her family with copious grins, of both the sweet and the troublemaking variety. She is into everything anyone ever leaves out, especially if she thinks it's edible.
We love her so much and we have enjoyed this first year of her life so much. You make us so proud and happy, Anniecakes! Keep it up, big girl.

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Karen said...

I'm looking forward to some Annie grins next month :-)