Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Cookie Jar Goes To Australia

Subtitle: The Biscuit Jar On Holiday

We went to Australia. Even though the trip was a month and a half ago, I still get a thrill saying that. When people ask how our trip was, I can feel myself glowing as I tell them how amazing it was.
In short, we went to see a total solar eclipse, and while we were there, we dove in the Great Barrier Reef, visited the rain forest, went to the outback, hiked, swam, ate, drove, and cajoled our kids all over Queensland. Our group included me, Kevin, Stellan, Rachelle, Annie and my moms, Karen and Martha.
We took just under 3,000 photos, all of which can be found in a slideshow below. Just kidding.
Instead of one long travelogue, I've split my telling of our tale into a bunch of bite-sized chunks arranged thematically instead of chronologically. Some include the trip from the perspective of different family members, others are tips on how to travel en masse with kids, and then there are posts about specific events.
Take your time. Don't read them all at once. Visit a few times in the next several days and only read the posts that interest you. You won't hurt my feelings; my New Year's resolution was to get all 15(!) of these posts up by today, but that doesn't mean I hope you resolve to carefully read every word of each one.
As you read it, I hope you can feel our still-fresh enthusiasm for the awesomeness of Australia and our trip there. It's one of the biggest accomplishments of my life, and one I'll always be proud of. We planned it, we did it, and I'm pretty sure we avoided being ugly Americans for the most part. So happy New Year to you, from the world-traveling Familia Cook!


Karen said...

Hooray! The post(s) I've been waiting for!

Belle of the Blues said...

This is so fabulous, Krissie. I loved living vicariously through your camera and your wit.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks Krissie. I did not take your advice, all the posts had to be read, immediately. Can we have more please?


Katie said...

I've been waiting for a free afternoon when I could curl up without distraction and really enjoy these Australia posts, and finally got my chance today.

Incredimazwelldonealous. That's a word I just made up that means incredible. Amazing. Well done. And jealous.

Jess said...

I loved all of the pictures, and yes I looked at all of them. That looks like it was such a fun trip (though the idea of undertaking that kind of trip with little monkeys makes me neurotic and borderline suicidal, but you were always braver than I). I also really liked the one picture of Stellan wearing BYU paraphernalia, It made me smile as I thought about your many splendid feelings for the good ol' Provo...