Friday, January 4, 2013

Matt Got Married!

My baby brother, whom some of you may still think of as little Mattie, got married to a lovely woman named Adrianne. We were lucky enough to get to participate in their sealing in the Salt Lake City temple, and then attend two separate receptions (one in Utah, one in Georgia).
I am a little overcome with the idea that my baby bro is now a married man. His wife is so sweet and funny, and we sisters are so happy to welcome her to our sisterhood. But I still can't believe he's grown up enough to have done such a grown up thing. Luckily, marriage hasn't changed him much. (Yet.) He's still his same hilarious, exciting, fun-loving, caring, up-for-anything, loves-my-kids-because-he-knows-at-least-one-of-them-is-almost-his-carbon-copy self.
Thanks for doing something so grown up we had to fly across the country to witness it, Matt! We had so much fun with you, your new family and our new and improved family. Also, thanks for letting RaRa get her boogie on.

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Karen said...

I LOVE all these photos