Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Krissie's Australia

What can I say about the trip? It was amazing. Obviously I'm biased. I dreamed it up, I planned it, I led the charge. My favorite part was the total solar eclipse, but I have to say that the Great Barrier Reef was also incredible. I love that I got to share the trip with my family. I love that we actually did it. I love that we'll always have our memories and our stories and of course several thousand photos.
When I think back on the trip, I have the feeling of little Annie on my back, squealing in excitement. I hear Rachelle singing a song as she runs off, probably in the wrong direction. I see myself talking to Stellan about why whatever we're looking at is unique and special. Kevin and I finish every sentence with "... in Australia!"
(We're grilling shrimp...in Australia! We're pumping gas by the liter...in Australia! We're taking eating mango ice cream...in Australia!) I have the constant comfort of knowing that three other adults are there helping with the kids, and that it's OK for me to take a breath and enjoy the moment.
Here are some of my favorite moments not recorded in the other dozen or so slideshows that I also put together:

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Belle of the Blues said...

You ate kangaroo! And crocodile! That is so freakin' awesome! And also, you are beautiful. And an awesome mom. I'm so glad you got to go. =)