Thursday, July 5, 2012

5,256,000 Minutes

Let's do the math:

           3 coasts
           7 homes
           4 cars
           3 kids
           3 college degrees
           5 jobs (that pay money)
         23 states visited
           4 computers
           8 cell phones
           1 well-intentioned but ill-fated hot dog diet (we did save money, though!)
           5 hand-me-down couches, futons and recliners
           1 backyard fire
           2 crazy people invading during floods
           1 dead body in the bushes
           6 supportive parents
         15 fantastic siblings
+       10.96 cutest nieces and nephews in the world
10 years of marriage to my best friend


Belle of the Blues said...

That picture is ADORABLE. You two are so cute. Happy Anniversary!

Jenae said...

How cute are YOU?!

Also, I can't believe that you linked further explanation to the back yard fire and crazy people but you are just leaving me hanging on the dead body in the bushes?!?

Happy 10 you guys!


D said...

Love it! And I need to know more about the dead body too!!!

Cassie krous said...

You are sooo funny, I too don't know about the dead body??? I love the pic too;)

thejerry said...

Congrats. I like the math. Do you think the college degree to kid ratio will stay the same? And do you add or subtract a dead body?

Karen said...

Hi from Michigan, Krissie! This is a delightful post to read on a day like today.
PS everyone--here is a secret tip about the dead body--K&K found it at the tiki hut--of course, if you don't know about the tiki hut, now you have two mysteries to solve!

Jess said...

I remember your wedding, so awesome! Life has been pretty great to you two, and you deserve it!