Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meet Rachelle

I'd like you to meet my adorable daughter, Rachelle. Not newborn Rachelle.

Not 3-month-old Rachelle.

Not 6-month-old Rachelle.

I'd like you to meet this Rachelle.

Today she passes a special milestone; this is the day I celebrate the fact that she has been in my arms as long as she was in my uterus - 40 weeks plus 1 day. She is more amazing each day. Rachelle is a sweet and loving baby, quick to flash a smile at her mama, her daddy or her big brother. She is much more quiet than Stellan was, but just as curious and eager to explore. She is furniture cruising, trying to stand on her own, eating more than her big brother does in a day and charming everyone she meets. I love her so much, and so I'm going to go all mama-crazy and show you how cute my sweet Baby RaRa is. You'll find a slideshow of some pictures I took on the trampoline while Grandma and Grandpa Cook were here. I've also included a video of a typical Rachelle encounter; I dare you not to smile when you see the look on her face. And finally, for comparison's sake, a photo of my daughter and a photo of her mother at a comparable age.


Vivian said...

You really weren't kidding about your baby pictures looking the same. Wow. What a cutie.

Karen said...

Love the "Rachelle-at-x-months" shots; love, love the slide show; love, love, love the video!

Jess said...

Oh, she is CUTE! By the way, I really enjoyed the link you left me on FB. Good Job!

Jeannie said...

Wow, that went fast!! She is darling, at all stages. But now she is extra fun, I'm sure. And those last two pictures look amazingly identical. Cute!