Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lightning Trip To Atlanta

When Viv said, "We're coming to Atlanta. Can you meet us?" I was 100% in. Then I realized she was getting there the day before my in-laws were coming to visit us in Shalimar. Perhaps the sane choice would have been to just scrap it, but I couldn't resist the chance to see Vivian and let Stellan and Levi spend some time together. So we drove to Atlanta (6 hours each way) for an overnight visit.
Viv's sister Carrie was kind enough to let us stay with her, and it was a party at Carrie's. She has a son, Theo, who is the same age as Stellan and Levi, so the first 2 hours we were there was just a blur of running, jumping and tackling kids. So great! We were thinking about going to the zoo the next morning, but it was raining so we went to the bounce house instead.
I am sad to report that I don't have many pictures. It was tough to get those kids to stay still! But I do have a video for you. I hope the joy Stellan felt at being reunited with his bosom buddy comes through.

In case you wanted to see that look on Levi's face again, here it is:


Karen said...

wow--Levi looks really grown up!

Vivian said...

great video. thanks for making the drive.