Monday, June 28, 2010

Blue Light Special

So our little Rachelle found herself in a bilirubin tanning bed when she was only hours old. (Bilirubin, also known as jaundice, is a common concern for newborns and was never in any way life threatening for her, so don't freak out, OK?)
In point of fact, she never had bilirubin, but her Coombs count (not going to explain medical jargon, not my strong suit) was high enough that her doctor thought she might be at risk. So she had to spend any time she wasn't nursing under a huge blue lamp. She also had a little light paddle under her back that was strapped to her at all times, even when nursing.
As you can see, the hospital provided her with a super hip Zorro mask, mostly to hide her identity so that hordes of adoring fans would never learn of her "condition" and spread the news to the paparazzi. However, one paparazza grandma managed to get this photo of her via Skype.
So now the story is out. The best news is that she was given a clean bill of health and has shown zero signs of any bilirubin, even in follow-up bloodwork. Oh, and now we get to hold her anytime we want, not just when she's nursing.


Melissa said...

Oh, cute...even when blue! When my baby bro was born, he actually was jaundiced (he being of positive blood type and my mama being of negative), and had to come home from the hospital with a back strip light. He always had it on under his pajamas, and looked exactly like those "glow worm" toys from the 80's. We called him our little Glow Worm! So adorable. But I digress. My point is that I'm glad Rachelle didn't actually have jaundice and she's now home minus the crazy lamps. xoxo!

Jeannie said...

So glad all is well. What a sweet little glow worm. And an awesome mask!!