Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Adventures in Reading

Stellan has recently made the jump from short board books with mostly pictures to "real" books with paper pages and stories inside. This is a welcome development for us, and Stellan has been blessed with grandparents who have been more than happy to supply him with books on a regular basis. Our library is looking good, and Stellan enjoys reading time several times day.

Not too long ago, we read Dr. Suess's "The Lorax" for the first time. Stellan was devastated to think that all the truffula trees might be gone forever and he insisted that we plant a tree immediately. (That's my little conservationist!) Luckily for us, Kevin had recently been at a job fair where a recruiter was handing out business cards that are paper pulp with a tree seed inside. The card even includes instructions on planting the whole card to grow your own tree.

Stellan jumped on the job with zeal, and now we have a little pot out front with the seed card planted carefully.

With all this newfound book excitement, we have upgraded our reading venue. Instead of the couch, we have created a book nook in Stellan's room. We grabbed all our extra pillows and other soft stuff and piled in a corner where his bookcase resides. We also got a special basket for all his current favorites in the interest of easy access. Come by anytime and enjoy a good book in our nook!


Jeannie said...

We love "The Lorax" here. When Warren was about Stellan's age he cried thinking that the Lorax would never come back. Such tender-hearted kids we have!

Katie said...

A business card you can plant! So clever. I would only be more excited if the recruiter told me it was made of chocolate, and that I could eat it on the spot.

Maggie said...

Glad the books are so successful!

Patrick and Leigh said...

how fun that he could be inspired by dr. seuss and have momma help him carry out his inspiration. teaching to think and to do-love it! what a lucky little guy.