Saturday, September 19, 2009

Decision Made

After long and serious deliberation, we have decided on a license plate. Well, actually, Kevin decided it before I even knew we had to make a decision. He went with the Broward County plate, also known as "El Cheapo." You see, most of those cool license plates cost money; we don't have much of that. But if we did, it would have been a tough call between the shark and the diver. Or maybe, just maybe, the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches; because you need a place to herd all those juvenile delinquents before you put them out to stud.

Interestingly enough, Florida has recently made the move to only give out one license plate, to be affixed on your rear bumper. We have been given a spiffy Dania Beach plate to put on the front of our car. What do you think, should we show our Dania pride or just leave it bare?


Vivian said...

rock the dania pride. or hang it on your wall under a countdown timer...

Anonymous said...

Pride goeth before the fall.