Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cousins Rock!

While we were in Utah, Stellan got to play with his cousins. He hadn't seen them since he was six months old, so the concept was new and wonderful to him. They had lots of fun toys and backyards (did I mention Stellan loves yards?), dogs and energy to spare. It was so fun to hear the laughter spilling out of a crowd of cousins, and we all did OK with the occasional pushes, toy stealing and tantrums. They even gave Stellan a birthday party! (He'll be two soon.) Stellan hit it off particularly well with Jocelyn, who is two months older than him.
I ended up taking hundreds of photos of these adorable cousins, but I have managed to keep the posting to a minimum. (If you are one of those relative-types who wants to see more than this slideshow has to offer, I've posted 40 or so here.) The video will give you an idea of just how much giggling there was. Thanks again to all the cousins - and aunts and uncles - who made these good times possible!


Pat/Chuck/Smokey said...

I absolutely love the piano sequence. Such rhythm, such expression, such passion! Stellan was really getting into it at the end :-) What a wonderful memory for everyone ~ Thanks for sharing, Krissie!!!

JHD said...

Because you used the phrase "Cousins Rock" I have this vision of kids tearing through a back yard to the tune "Cleveland Rocks" like the old opening the the Drew Carey Show...only with three-year old kids.

Karen said...

I noticed that Stellan was reading the music in the six-hand piano piece. Like mother, like son.