Sunday, June 21, 2009

To All You Dads Out There

Although I've put in some nice phone calls and video chats, I have spent the day without any of the father-types in my life. My dad, my grandpa, my other grandpa and my other other grandpa are all in California; my baby-daddy is at Scout Camp. All the lack of celebrating has given me some good time to contemplate how much I love and miss them all. It's hard to imagine where I'd be without them. (That's aside from the obvious biological imperative that I literally wouldn't be here without three of the above-mentioned fathers.) So to all you dads and grandpas, I love you and happy Father's Day!

Also, since this is Stellan's blog, he wants me to send out a special shout-out to his daddy; he says (and this is an almost direct quote): "I miss you, Daddy. I tried to run rampant through the halls at church today, but mean Mommy grabbed me repeatedly. I had a huge meltdown that lasted most of the afternoon, and you were not there to distract me. I wanted to eat your Cheesy Alfredo mac 'n Cheese for dinner, but since you weren't here, Mom said no. Come home soon, OK? Oh, and I love you."


Katie said...

My favorite blog post of the day, based entirely on your use of the term baby-daddy.

Flem said...

I am with Katie. Also the fact that you saved the Cheesy Alfredo mac'n Cheese.

JHD said...

Scouts sent Kevin to camp on Father's Day? BOOOOO! BOOOOOO! HISSSSSS!