Friday, December 12, 2008

Touring the Everglades

We decided to take some time to tour the Everglades, since they're practically in our backyard. First we took a drive down Alligator Alley, but when it didn't deliver the promised reptiles, we resorted to the tourist-y Everglades Holiday Park a short drive from our house. We got to ride an airboat, see alligators, go to a very saddening alligator wrestling demonstration and see lots of Everglades. Enjoy this slideshow, as well as the montage of short movie clips.

Gator Adventure from Krissie Cook on Vimeo.


D said...

Gators scare me. A ride on an air boat sounds like fun.

MELISSA said...

Oh my goodness how fun! I would love to see the Everglades and alligators up close. I'm too scared to ever see crocodiles though. I recently learned they can actually gallop on land up to 50mph or some ridiculous thing like that. (Don't quote me on the speed. I don't remember my vertebrate physiology lectures THAT well, hehe.) SCARY! But yeah, alligators are a lot less freaky. I hope Stellan enjoyed!