Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nerd Punches All Around

Kris: [She is spinning a cup around Stellan's head as she makes a whistling noise.] Stellan, pay attention. See how the sippy cup makes a higher pitched whistle as it approaches you? That's the Doppler effect.
Kev: That's funny.
Kris: Why?
Kev: Because I was teaching him about the Doppler effect yesterday.


The Fam said...

When two nerds collide.

Jess said...

I LOVE it, how else is going to learn why big rigs make that funny noise, I mean really.

MELISSA said...

Hahahah BARF! It's okay, I once tried to explain photophosphorylation to a 3 year-old I took care of who was admiring a plant. Lame.

Amanda said...

Once I was pushing Lillian in the swings at the park and some airplanes flew overhead and left contrails. I explained the concept to her and after I finished, the mom next to me said, "wow, your kid is going to be smarter than me."