Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Field Trip

After our tour of the Everglades, we were inspired to do some more sightseeing in Florida, so we trekked across to the west (Gulf) coast of Florida for the day. We ended our journey in Naples, a scenic coastal town that had something like a Carpinteria vibe. The sand was so white and fluffy, it reminded us of snow. Really! We ate some delicious Thai at the local Sushi Thai (it's a Florida thing - all sushi and/or Thai restaurants have been combined into Sushi Thai), nobody honked - not even once, and the weather was gorgeous. We decided that if we were forced to live in Florida beyond the dictates of Kevin's program, Naples is one place we'd be OK with. Also, to anyone with a DQ in their neck of the woods, I definitely recommend the Peppermint Chip Blizzard. That alone was worth the hour and a half drive.

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