Monday, February 15, 2010

Made For Walking

I know what you're thinking. Shoes. Whoopee. You may recognize that these are, in fact, new shoes. But what you may not know is that this is the first pair of new tennis shoes I have purchased for myself since high school. We won't say how long it's been, since I already gave you a clue to my ancient heritage in my last post.
So, yeah, I bought new shoes! This is a big deal for me. A really big deal. I've been very satisfied with my sisters' hand-me-downs for all these years, but now I'm far away from my sisters. And all my other shoes have begun to show signs of not just wear, but of extreme distress. For example, there was the day the soles of both shoes of a pair completely separated from the upper section of the shoe, leaving my feet to flap around like talking Muppet shoes. Or the pair in which the tread was so far gone that I slipped three times in one day on the tile floor in our house. (Which is quite a feat, considering how dirty/sticky/scuzzy most parts of our tile floor can generally be found.) Or the shoe that tore itself in half one day as I tightened the laces.
The worst part is that I still wore each of those pairs of shoes a few times even after the said calamities occurred.
Kevin used to mock me for having so many pairs of tennis shoes. But since the obliteration of my healthy stock of shoes, he felt so bad that he got me a gift card for Christmas to buy shoes. New shoes. For myself. (I am famous for being very willing to buy nice things for others but extremely cheap and unwilling to buy stuff for me.) Which I did with great jubilation. Any bets on how long I can keep them looking new?


Jeannie said...

Nice that you can treat yourself. To shoes. It's the little things, right? They are pretty snazzy looking, too.

Flem said...

I just bought my first pair of new shoes in the last several years and I am amazed how big of a difference it makes.

I am very happy for you and to answer your question, they will stay new-looking if you don't wear them in the rain for about one month.

Just a prediction.

Vivian said...

those look very comfortable, but maybe too hot in about 3 months. I'll hope you move somewhere with a reasonable summer temperature.