Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Birthday Madness

Here is an amazing video of the baby race at the mass birthday party last week. Stellan came in a very close fourth (he lost by seconds to Levi). He started pretty strong, got distracted by all the other babies and then Kevin used a cupcake to spur him to finish the race. (You'll see the still photo of this at the beginning of the video.) Enjoy the video; courtesy of Vivian.

Untitled from Jerry Thomas on Vimeo.


Jefe said...

Oh man. That's amazing. The best part is how seriously clueless all the babies are....good job.

the one about Jenae and Seth said...

That was the most fun thing I have watched possibly ever. It's really hard to pretend like I'm working when I see stuff like that.
:) Way to be!