Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birthday Time

Yep, in case you missed in last week's lengthly post, Stellan has begun his second revolution around the sun. There are those who are disappointed that the birthday event has not garnered more attention on the blog, so this post is for them.
Stellan celebrated his birthday on his birthday with us in Florida. We let him have some of the ice cream we ate to celebrate the fact that we all made it through the first year alive.
Yesterday we attended a mass first birthday party; there were a dozen or so kids who were all born last summer in our circle of friends, so instead of trying to have a bunch of parties scattered through the summer, we all celebrated all at once. As you can imagine, cuteness overload. A video is in the works and a pro photographer was there to get pics, so I'll post more on this later. Our personal highlight was Stellan's cupcake. Yes, we let him do his best with a frosted cupcake. He did not disappoint.

Tonight we celebrated Stellan's birthday at the moms', and Levi came as well. Levi's mom Vivian and I have birthdays a few days apart so we always celebrate together. It seemed fitting that since our sons are only 9 days apart, they should enjoy a party together too. Although Stellan was a bit of a bully, it was a pretty fun night.
And now that he is a year old, Stellan is enjoying new privileges. Now he rides in his forward-facing car seat, which took him aback at first and now just fascinates him.
Also, we let him feed himself more and more. This is a big sacrifice on our part because it becomes increasingly messy as the meal unfolds (or explodes, as the case may be.)

So there you have it - Stellan is one year old. We've all come a long way in the last year, and if I weren't so darn tired right now, I might take a minute to reflect on all those changes and be pretty amazed. Yawn. Maybe tomorrow. Or next year.

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