Thursday, February 7, 2008

Stellan the Sea Turtle

So now that Stellan is mobile (crawling when he's feeling up to it, just commando-crawl-flopping when he's lazy), he's realized the world is his oversized oyster. The other night I was cooking dinner and had left him playing happily in the living room. To my surprise, a couple of minutes into dinner prep, I saw his little body peeking into the kitchen - he had made his way to the break between carpet and linoleum, living room and kitchen.
As soon as he saw me, his target was confirmed; he started charging toward me. (I'm being generous with the usage of "charging" for the sake of storytelling.) However, he wasn't counting on the linoleum being so much more slippery than the carpet. He struggled for about 20 minutes to make his way toward me. By the time he got there, dinner was ready and I callously walked right over him and headed for the table, several feet back and near his starting point. He shot me quite the look, but to my surprise didn't balk much at all. He just turned around and headed my way. In a few more minutes he was happily in my lap, exhausted but proud.

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deannah said...

What a trooper! Mason would get so frustrated when his target moved.