Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Granny!

Yesterday we celebrated Martha's birthday. She holds a special place in Stellan's heart, so he asked me to post this for him:
Granny, you are the best at reading me books.
I feel so safe and happy with you I can fall asleep just about anywhere.
I love all of our special talks, just the two of us.
I listen very closely to all the advice you give me and try to be good for Mommy and Daddy just because you asked me to.
I wish every day was a Granny day.
I love you,


Karen said...

Stellan is one lucky boy to have such a wonderful granny! And Granny is one lucky woman to have such a wonderful grandson!
Grandma Karen

MELISSA said...

Love it! What beautiful pictures. Happy birthday Granny Martha!!!! <3

deannah said...

"a telephone and a red balloon. And a picture of..." I've read that one a few times lately. :)