Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Gregorys Come To Town

We have availed ourselves of the Gregory family more than once when travelling to Atlanta and have pushed the limits of their hospitality by barging in on them and eating all their food, playing with their toys, messing up their puzzles, losing their airplanes in the woods, forcing them to watch football and even obliging them to pull their high chair out of cold storage on multiple occasions.
So we were thrilled when Carrie and her kids decided to come spend a quick weekend with us. We made them dance in front of strangers at our ward's Valentine's dance, took them to the armament museum, and made what might be considered an ill-advised trip to the beach in very cold and windy weather. Please peruse the slide show for photographic evidence of the kids' determination to enjoy the beach despite our warnings.
Thanks for coming, Carrie. I hope your kids remember it fondly and that time heals the memories of near-hypothermia.


Karen said...

The kids in bathing suits are quite the contrast to the adults in sweatshirts.

Carrie G said...

You forgot our first ever trip to a bayou and what might be the chilliest game of miniature golf I've ever played. I am bummed we never made it back down there in like, summer.