Monday, December 19, 2011

Rachelle Is 1 1/2

Yes, it's true. Rachelle is 18 months old. And she acts every bit of it. Don't get me wrong, she is still just as sweet and good natured and even tempered as ever. But she loves to get into things, take things she shouldn't have and then hide them behind her back while smiling mischievously, and insert herself into big-kid play. She pops out new words everyday and then looks at me with mild disdain when I act surprised. She loves to "read" everything, and will drop any toy to look at a book that catches her eye. She also loves to talk on the "phone", which is in quotes because anything can be a phone to her. She likes to strip off my wristwatch and hold it to her ear: "Hewo... Byeeee."
I've included a video for you at the end of the post, but first, to prove she is still the awesomest little girl in the world, here's an 18-month-old story. In LDS congregations, 18 months is the magical age when kids start attending the nursery instead of you having to schlep them to Sunday School with you. So a couple of weeks ago I was opening the nursery cabinets for our substitute nursery leaders and Rachelle was with me. She looked around, decided to take a seat and play, and then refused to leave. I guess she knew she was just about old enough and that she was ready. So I left her (the subs didn't know she was only 17 and a half months old!). She stayed the whole 2 hours without pouting, looking longingly at the door or crying. She just decided it was time to start nursery and did it. She's been going ever since. In fact, one of the leaders reported yesterday that she is the best picker-upper in the group. Awesome.
So here she is, my sweet RaRa. I love you, sweet thing!


Vivian said...

Wow. THAT is one cute little girl. I love her hair. Also I am very very jealous of the nursery story. Thats the kind of stuff I dream about at night.

Katie said...

I love this age!

Happy Birthday and a half Rachelle!

keine.angst said...

She is just so cute! I miss her! I miss all of you and warm sunny florida ;(

Anonymous said...

Loved the video of RaRa putting "up" the dishes.