Friday, May 27, 2011

Recent Adventures

We have been pretty busy, so I've been quite remiss in the blogging. To catch you up on things I haven't blogged yet, here are the CliffsNotes:

-Kevin was captain of an on-base intramural volleyball team. It made us all miss Team Condor. To see how they fared, watch the slideshow.'
-Kevin had a birthday. We celebrated all day and all night and had lots of fun showing Daddy just how much we love him.
-Stellan had his "Show Off To Your Parents Day" at gymnastics. OK, it wasn't called that, but that's basically what it was. I've included a video of his performances at the bottom of this post for you grandparent types, and anyone else who has a strong resistance to boring-to-just-about-anyone-but-family-of-child-that-is-not-yours videos. I would like to point out that this took place less than 12 hours after we got home from a cross-country plane ride, so it's a miracle he was even standing.
-The McKneeleys came to visit us. Melissa served her mission in Houston with me and Kevin, and Stephen was the ward mission leader in an area where Kevin and I spent 7 months. 10 years and 4 kids later, here they were at our front door! We were happy to offer them a place to crash on their way home from their Disney cruise. Come by again soon, McKneeleys!
-We baked. I know, not a banner item for most families, but we're not really bakers. However, when Kevin was charged with delivering a cake for a coworker's birthday, I busted out my Food Network Magazine and we rocked that cake. Entertaining and delicious. Watch the slideshow for details.
-We have spent this week with Natalie and Amanda, daughters of a friend who is chaperoning Cub Scout camp with her son Devon. Stellan has had the best time ever with "The Girls", who love to play with him and his toys. We've been busy exploring the lake, rivers, parks, our backyard and Stellan's new preschool (starting in the fall). Today they are with their dad, and while I'm enjoying the downtime, I miss hearing them say,"Can we do your hair after we make flowers out of pipe cleaners?" Girls are so fun.


Vivian said...

I'm no grandparent-type, but that video of Stellan was amazing.

and nice trophy there Kev.

Amy said...

Seriously!!!!! I am jealous of your little monkey! Kirk would be to scared to do all those tricks! He won't even attempt to do those in his gymnastics class.

keine.angst said...

Love it, Love it! My girls had such an awesome time! Thank you for borrowing them for four days! One day Rachel can do your hair! ;)
Little man rocks the course! My girls miss gymnastics and that place looks better than the one they went to.
It was fun to watch!
Thanks for the pics - I stole copies ;0)
SO glad scouts week is over but I miss those little guys already ;( It was so much fun! Now I can relax! :)
Danke Schön!!