Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crazy Uncle Barney and Other Tales of Triumph

On Tuesday, Kevin and I (and Rachelle) went to a reception for engineering students at FAU. We didn't know anyone there, so we sat at our own table and observed while we ate. The table next to us was so full there was a man who didn't have a seat. He was rambling on about the local casinos and how he always won because he understood the laws of probability; I said to Kevin, "That must be their crazy Uncle Barney. They wouldn't even give him a seat!"
As we continued to watch, I noticed that the rest of the family seemed more than a bit detached from his remarks, and then leaned over and whispered, "Kev, I don't think he's their crazy Uncle Barney. He's someone's crazy Uncle Barney, but not theirs!" Kev observed that he must have just been wandering around the tables chatting with people.
As we were quietly eavesdropping, Rachelle informed me that she was hungry. Since we had the table to ourselves, I discreetly covered up and started feeding her. I told Kevin that nursing a baby would be the surest way to ensure the table stayed ours and ours alone. Sure enough, as soon as Uncle Barney had sufficiently bored the table next to us, he came over to ours. Kev was refilling our lemonade, so it was just me and Rachelle.
Uncle Barney said, "Who's the graduate today?" I gestured to the empty seat next to me. Then he noticed the tiny pair of feet hanging off my lap and cleared his throat. Awkward silence. "Well, I guess I'll go annoy the next table." I audibly replied, "Good luck with that!" I silently added, "Not that you'll need it."
So I just want to make it known that if you need a little time to yourself at a semi-private function, Rachelle and I are available for hire.

Oh, and in other news, Kevin graduated. That's right, now he's an official Master of Science!

In case you didn't feel like flying across the country and sitting through the whole ceremony, here's the moment you would have waited for:


D said...

Sweet! I've got my own privacy maker. :)

Vivian said...

Congratulations Keviiiiiiinnnnn

Jenny Walker said...

Awesome!!! Congrats to ALL of you! ;0)

Karen said...

Thanks for the movie, Kris. And I'm glad Kevin had a sign!

Patrick and Leigh said...