Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Now We Know

Last week we took Stellan to his first movie, Oceans, with one of his best buds, Kirk. Kirk is a big fan of all things oceanic, particularly large marine mammals and sharks; I would call his knowledge of such things precocious.

We decided that pairing Stellan up with such an enthusiast would encourage him to appreciate the movie more. And it did, for about 45 minutes. Granted, all through those 45 minutes he was chatting away in a loud and excited voice ("Kirk, what is that? What is that shark doing?"). Luckily, it was a matinee and we were the only ones there.

After the aforementioned 45 minutes, Stellan gave up on sitting entirely and starting climbing, swinging, running and exploring the theater for the remainder of the movie.

So now we know: Stellan's not ready for primetime movie going. Thanks for trying, Kirk!

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Jeannie said...

Did you try popcorn? That worked great for Warren's first movie-going experience. Made him hold the tub and all. But really, how can you expect him to sit still when those seats move up and down, just begging to be climbed on?