Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pi(e) Day: Epic Fail

Don't the picture fool you, it didn't go well. In fact, the whole meal was a disaster. First, the chicken tikka masala ended up so salty it was inedible. Even Kev couldn't pretend he could eat it (and I think he's pretty good at pretending he likes my cooking). But I had hoped that the strawberry cream pie I stayed up late making the night before would redeem me. No such luck. Oh, it looked beautiful, fresh whipped cream, delicious strawberries (please note the 3.14 strawberry slices on the very top); but underneath the cream layer had turned into mush, taking the crust with it into a slushy abyss of grainy disgustingness.

Better luck next year, I guess.


Vivian said...

Don't despair, according to my sister Carrie's friend, the benefits of making the attempt on Pi day go way beyond a good bite of pie. In his wise words,
"No kid who grows up in a family that makes pie on pi day will ever smoke a cigarette or steal a hubcap."

(I think the empirical data on this is still being gathered)

D said...

bummer... Have you tried My kitchen Cafe's Chicken Tikka Masala recipe? yummy!
I tend to leave salt out of recipes though and just let people salt it if it needs it at the table. :)

Karen said...

I had the same experience when I tried to make banana cream pie. It looked great, but the inside was a mess of grossness. Don't give up though, try again.