Monday, November 23, 2009

While I'm Catching Up...

Another thing I failed to report earlier is that we went camping in the Florida Keys in October. Kevin works with the local Boy Scout troop, and I had been asked to teach an astronomy merit badge class, so we had no choice but to drag the whole family down to the Keys for 3 days. Rough.
We got there nice and early, a couple of hours before anyone else. So we had the whole camp, including quite of bit of beachfront, all to ourselves. It was an amazing way to spent an afternoon. Stellan devolved into his native feral state, and wandered and explored to his heart's content. It was very breezy, so Kev's diving didn't go as well as he hoped.
The next day I spent pretty much the whole day, and a good chunk of the night, teaching astronomy. It was super fun, although a bit taxing by the end. (Where are my Quasar assistants when I need them?) The boys seemed to like it and to learn something, and I've gotten positive feedback from their parents since our return, so I'm going to count it as a success. Although there's some weirdness to being the only female in an entire, pretty full, campsite. I have a new appreciation for my husband's participation at Girls Camp.
Here are some photos to help you enjoy the trip vicariously.


Katie said...

I need a Quasar assistant too!!

I have no idea what that means. But for some reason, right now it sounds like the answer to all my problems.

krissiecook said...

Oh, it is. Quasar assistants are the answer to everything!