Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Day Stellan Became a Tourist Attraction

We took Stellan for a cruise along the Hollywood Broadwalk (think waterfront, all you Santa Barbarians) the other night. Although he couldn't see it, he definitely heard the sound of the pretty new water feature they put in. He demanded to be released (which we had luckily anticipated and had dressed him in a swim diaper and trunks) and quickly followed his ears back to the fountains. He wasted no time jumping in and enjoying himself immensely.
We were not the only ones cruising the broadwalk. Apparently it is a grandparent tourist mecca, because Stellan quickly found himself surrounded by adoring older people who were whispering to their partners reminescently in several languages. He did not disappoint.

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Flem said...

I love his 'tude pose! I love those outdoorsy waterpark thingies they have outside of Cali (I have never seen one here).